Esselte 100

  • Designed early 80:ies by Didact, running BASIC
  • Components
    • CPU 6802@2Mhz
    • 12-16kb ROM
    • 8Kb RAM
    • 2 x 6821 PIA
    • RF and Composite monochrome video output
    • Serial Printer and Terminal connector
    • 32x32 characters and 256x256 semi graphics resolution
  • Links
  • Publications about and references mentioning Esselte 100
    • Interview with Bengt Nilsson, by Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology: In the early 1980s Nilsson was involved in developing a computer division for the Swedish educational publisher Esselte Studium. Later he became project leader for the Swedish school computer Compis, developed by a consortium led by Esselte and manufactured by a daughter company to Televerket, the Swedish public telecommunication company
    • Interview with Karl-Gösta Ahlström by Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology: Ahlström’s experiences from teaching with and about computers in science subjects at Kungsbergsskolan, a secondary school in Linköping. Ahlström attended several international conferences about the use of computers in education.
    • Temal 100 - Teknisk manual Esselte 100, Andersson/Björklund, 1982, Esselte, ISBN 9124312487
    • "Datalära: arbeta med program Esselte 100. Elevhandledning", Sylve Larsson, 1981, 9124312134

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi,

    I'm have an Esselte 100 without power supply.
    How can I compensate this item?


  2. You can use a modern power supply (adapter) that takes your mains voltage (100-240 V) as input and gives 9 V DC voltage with at least 1 A current as output. They often have "DC plugs" that will not fit into an Esselte 100. So you need to find or build a "plug converter" from the DC plug to a male RCA plug. This is not complicated and you should be able to find the components at big electronic retailers. If you happen to live in Sweden, I can give you links to what to buy here.